About this old church

History of the Church

The church began in 1802 as the Vernon Centre Congregational Society–the first organized church in the town of Vernon, NY. The first building was erected in 1811, in the middle of the town green (near today's historic gazebo), with a cornerstone inscribed with AD 1812.Church services in the building ended in 2005. But the building's future shouldn't end there.

1902 Photo of the church

News and Updates

The Bees are Back: Round 2

I received a call from a neighbor about a bee swarm amassing above the front porch – which sounded “like a little motor” and could be heard from inside their house. And it was growing quickly.

The Historic Marker

First plaque recognizing the Vernon Center Green Historic District, including Presbyterian Church, now in place The history of this church…

ROME DAILY SENTINEL: Historic site, vets group benefit by working together

Guests at the recent Harvest Dinner were there for more than a great meal and entertainment, as proceeds supported two causes; preservation of the building’s remarkable stained glass windows, and Clear Path for Veterans, the Chittenango-based veterans’ support organization. With tremendous guest support, the Harvest Dinner resulted in a $3,200 donation.

Harvest Dinner 2019

The first event at This Old Church was an amazing fall evening with lively entertainment and a memorable meal, featuring…

Slate Roof Repairs

When purchasing the church in May, we knew the roof was leaking in at least 3 places, and had been leaking significantly for some time…

Restoring the Hardwood Floors

Sanctuary and Altar Floors The sanctuary floor had never been sanded, even when it was installed–in 1885. This hardwood floor,…

Vernon Center Old Home Day 2019

We will have a table at Vernon Center’s 2019 Old Home Day, and are looking forward to talking about the…

Holy Bees!

We spotted a swarm of bees while cleaning the rain gutters in July. According to the expert, nearly 100,000 bees,…

For This and Future Generations

Our history should not only be preserved, it should be celebrated. Let's bring the former Vernon Center Presbyterian Church building back to life, and ensure it remains a vital contributor to the present and future of Vernon.

Contribute to the Restoration

If you'd like to support the restoration, please enjoy an upcoming event or browse the items in the shop. And for those who have asked, we have the option to make a donation. Any donation of $20 or more, if you provide your mailing address, will get a special gift. Thanks!